Demolish Fat. Sculpt Your Body. Feel Empowered.
Finally, A Program That Will Give You That Ripped Athletic Physique In Just A Few Quick 30 Minute Sessions Per Week While Actually Having Fun - Guaranteed 
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“I love it, it makes me feel so strong – I have more energy then I have ever had. Now, 6 months later I’m 28lbs lighter, 4 pants sizes smaller and I have muscles I can now see.”
Dana Andersen
“I find that I am stronger, more fit. I have discovered the ability to push my body further and further everyday. I am breaking through a level of training I never thought I could accomplish.”
Steve Perron
K2XFIT will revolutionize what you have come to expect out of a fitness program.
Great fitness does not come from maximizing your time at the gym  but instead maximizing the quality of your training.

K2XFIT fuses elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training into a unique, fast, and exciting 30 minute group training experience. 

This combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective method for burning fat and building lean muscle.
K2XFIT is a finely tuned powerhouse system with a variety of fun, functional and efficient workouts that produce better results in 30 minutes than spending an hour doing the traditional gym routines.
You will melt fat and carve your body faster than anything else you could possibly be doing. The fact that it's FAST, FUN, and easy to get into, is just a bonus.
  • K2XFIT classes are carefully crafted 30 minute action packed sessions that are engineered to produce a massive AFTERBURN effect that keeps burning calories for up to 28 hours after you finish your workout!
  •  You will actually enjoy the journey - instead of the motivational nightmare you've experienced going to the Big Gym - You will be hooked :)
  •  Each K2XFIT class is a unique experience that will take you through an array of circuit based workouts that are fun and fast and produce systematic results.
  •  You don't need any special skills - Our expert Coaches will help you perform like a pro from day one.
Result Driven, High-Intensity Custom Workouts That Will Keep You Motivated, Engaged, Inspired And Making Consistent Progress.
Many Of Our Members Start Seeing Significant Results In Just A Few Short Weeks!

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