K2XFIT Co-Founders Alain Moussi and Aksell Nicolaides

started in the gym business two decades ago. Along with their partner Scott Fitzpatrick they began on a shoestring budget (mostly borrowed from family) as solo-preneurs spending twelve hours a day at the gym cleaning and maintaining the facility, training clients, teaching martial arts and fitness classes, and learning how to run the business as they went.

Their passion and dedication to their clients started paying off and they began to open more locations eventually building out a highly successful chain of clubs. Their success in the martial arts and fitness industry started to get noticed and many club owners, trainers and industry professionals started seeking out their expertise in creating
powerful programs and systems. They started being featured in magazines and countless other media as well as being invited all over the US, Canada and Europe for seminars, workshops, and keynotes. Alain's acting career also took off with leading roles in action-martial arts movies - most recently co-starring with Nicholas Cage.
Black Belt Magazine
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
MA Success Magazine
MA Illustrated Magazine
In 2016 Aksell and Alain decided to take a step back from martial arts and focus exclusively on the fitness side of the business. 

Even though they had very successful and popular programs in place they felt that - just like most of the industry - it still only provided a partial, and often temporary solution. They wanted to be able to provide clients with an "end game" solution that would allow them to not only hit their fitness goals in the most efficient way but also provide every necessary tool and support to maintain it for life.
They began looking to buy or license a ready made program they could immediately implement but after extensive research it became apparent that such a thing simply did not exist.

The truth is that the fitness industry creates programs designed for entertainment and marketability first and foremost. Actual results for participants is often just a potential bi-product. That is why one of the world’s largest fitness brand has millions of participants around the world literally dancing their way to mediocre results.

Another key reason is the massive confusion and misinformation when it comes to nutrition. The simple reality is that you can't out-workout a bad diet and sadly we are flooded everyday by absurd and sometimes even dangerous advice and ridiculous diets that no one ever sticks to anyways.

When you combine the weak and sometimes misleading fitness offerings with the madness of the diet world it's no wonder 85% of our population is overweight and most simply don't ever achieve their goals and out of the few that do, only a small fraction manage to maintain and most end up right back where they started.

Aksell and Alain wanted a different outcome. The goal was to help individuals change their life - for good. NOT provide short term gimmiky solutions that often don't work and are never sustainable.

They spent 18 months of intense research and over a quarter million dollars consulting with some of the world's top experts in exercise science, nutrition and coaching. They also leveraged Alain's relationships with the most sought after transformation experts in Hollywood and their closely guarded secrets for quickly turning actors into superheros. Then, they gradually implemented and tested with thousands of clients across their network of gyms until finally the systems and protocols were systematically producing the results they felt their clients deserved.

This is how the K2XFIT Program was born. Fast and potent workouts designed to give the absolute best results for the time invested. A progressive nutrition program that's easy for anyone to follow that not only get results immediately but also gradually guides you to be able to eat the foods you enjoy and stay fit for life.

The last critical piece was to be able to provide every K2XFIT client with an accountability coach. An expert who is just as invested in your success as you are and will keep you on track. Because at the end of the day you can have the best fitness program science can give us, backed with the most personalized, easiest, most enjoyable nutrition plan in the world but if you don't follow or stick to it... it's all for nothing.

K2XFIT is the only program that actually GUARANTEES RESULTS for clients in specific time frames - or they get it for free. 

Initially launched as boutique clubs K2XFIT has now also grown into an incredibly powerful remote coaching program. Leveraging technology to connect clients to the K2XFIT programming with a personal Success Coach who are with them every step of the way to achieve long lasting success. 
Thousands of incredible success stories later, K2XFIT is still continually improving, adding new strategies and systems to help clients, implementing the latest technology and recruiting the best coaches in North America to keep on providing exceptional experiences and results. 

We are also grateful and fortunate for the incredible ever-growing community of K2XFIT members who are not only pursuing their fitness goals but encourage and support each other on the journey. Having a "tribe" of peers is an invaluable resource for all members to draw on. Even with K2XFIT remote programing, you are never alone.